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Lasting Powers of Attorney

None of us like to think about suffering such incapacity that we would not be able to look after our own affairs.  


Unfortunately disability is increasingly common and, irrespective of age, anyone can suffer an accident at any time which might disable them and prevent them from looking after their health and welfare and property and financial and business affairs.


We strongly recommend that you give consideration to making what is known as ‘lasting powers of attorney’ for:


Your Health and Welfare




Your Property and  Financial Affairs


You may have read in the Press of Court Hearings where the wishes of the families of ill or disabled people have been over-ridden by Social Services.

You can prevent this happening to you or one of your loved ones by putting in place a special type of power of attorney (known as a ‘lasting power of attorney for health and welfare’).


This can only be done by thinking ahead, and doing it when you or your relative or other person concerned has mental capacity. Simply put, this means that you or the person concerned must be able to make your own decisions at the time of making the power of attorney.  


Without having done this in advance of any subsequent incapacity, Social Services can step in and remove you or your loved one, and over-ride your wishes and make fundamental decisions which you or they may not agree with.  


If you are happy to trust Social Services, then you need take no action.


Otherwise, it is vital that you seek advice from solicitors who have the right blend of experience, knowledge and sympathy, which is what we offer at Darlington Hardcastles.  We will produce a power of attorney specially tailored for your needs and requirements.


Similarly, sudden or progressive illness, or an accident at any time, might disable you or your loved one, and prevent you or them from looking after personal or business financial affairs.  A special power of attorney (known as a ‘lasting power of attorney for property and financial affairs’) will enable them to be managed by a trusted person or persons. Again, we at Darlington Hardcastles have the right blend of experience, knowledge and sympathy to be able to discuss your own unique needs and to tailor the power of attorney to what is required.


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