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Buying or Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business, entering into joint-venture arrangements, setting up a partnership or company arrangements, shareholders agreements, and the like – all of these need careful thought and advice. A discussion with one of our expert solicitors can set you on the right path and help to avoid costly mistakes.


When you enter into a new business or a venture with someone with whom you will have to work closely, we always advise you to consider the consequences if you are not able to agree upon something important.


At Darlington Hardcastles, we have considerable experience of advising on the types of agreement which should be considered in the many and varied scenarios which can occur when buying or selling a business, or entering into a new commercial venture.


Often the very act of considering the various provisions in such a document will lead to discussion between yourself and your intended business colleague which can result in any potential difficulties being anticipated and thought about before they become troublesome.  We will be happy to provide appropriate guidance and discussion on any of these matters.


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