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Commercial Property

We act for both developers and purchasers including owners, occupiers and investors. Whether you're looking to buy or sell investment property we have the expertise and experience to guide and assist you.  


Where appropriate we can assist with the provision of relevant insurance policies such as insurance against inherent defects and action arising out of of restrictive covenants;


If you are seeking to grant a new commercial lease, or renew a lease to an existing tenant, or if you are the tenant seeking to obtain a new commercial lease or renew your lease, we will advise you on the relevant aspects of The Landlord and Tenant Act legislation in so far as it affects you and the steps you should take to protect your interests.


We will provide you with an understanding of the way in which environmental law may impact upon your property and, where appropriate, advise you with regard to Town and Country Planning as it may affect your intended use of the property.

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