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Did you know?

Q:  Did you know that someone can acquire your house or land without any payment and become the legal owner?


A:  It can happen without you knowing and it's easier than you may think.


A recent example is the case of Colin Curtis who lost his house in Ilford to a builder Keith Best.  The chief land registrar refused Mr Best's application to acquire title to the house but his ruling was overturned recently in the High Court.  Mr Justice Ouseley said that the chief land registrar had made an error of law.  The judge said "Mr Best moved in at the end of January 2012.  He said that he had treated the house as his own since 2001.  There had been no disputes about his possession of the property.  But he occupied it without anyone's consent.”  Not only did Mr Best obtain the house but the judge ordered the chief land registrar to pay £100,000 as an interim payment towards Mr Best’s legal costs


The judge granted the right to appeal, as his ruling would affect similar cases.


For further information follow the links below to articles in the London Evening Standard, the Daily Telegraph, and the Daily Mail.