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Did you know...? 

Did you know that someone can acquire your house or land without any payment and become the legal owner?



It can happen without you knowing and it's easier than you may think

Our Property Solicitors have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of Residential Property and related matters.  Our many years of expertise enable us to guide you through any type of residential transaction.


Moving home can be very stressful and our aim is to provide the breadth and quality of service which will guide you through to a successful completion with the minimum of fuss, and at a competitive price


We are able to assist you with sales or purchases of freehold property, flats and other leasehold property, and will advise you as to the ongoing expenses you may incur as an owner of leasehold property, such as any relevant service charges and whether you will need a formal consent from the freeholder to carry out alterations once you own the property and the likely cost.


For a free chat and estimate of fees and outlays involved, please call on of our expert team on 01923 774 272. 

Residential Property